June 22, 2019 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It’s interesting how very old buildings smell. You might experience scent memory just from reading that sentence, and if you didn’t, I’m a bit sorry for you.

First morning of summer, morning spent in Lord in the Attic Museum (lots of photos attached) in Amsterdam (only remaining “house church” from the days when Catholics and other religions were not allowed to practice openly, also one of the best preserved 17th century homes in the Netherlands), then walking through suffocating crowds of tourists to find the Van Gogh museum. Photos were not allowed there, but I am not ashamed to say I choked up when I walked into the first gallery of his self-portraits… completely star-struck and moved to see the actual brush strokes of someone who has been such a tragic, creative, and iconic figure.

Besides confirming the commonly held truth about bicycle ubiquity in The Netherlands, I was also struck dumb by a rack of unlocked bicycles. Unlocked bicycles. Where I am from, even locked bicycles are fair plunder.

Published by d-rm

d-rm has years of experience presuming that people are interested in whatever thought bubbles form in her mind, but is relatively new to capturing them in blogposts. In a parallel universe, she is a perpetual vagabond. In this realm, she somehow manages to maintain a full-time job and a roof over her head. She lives with a budding chef who keeps her fat, a deceptively charming cat that can only be described as a miscreant, and a small dog who monitors her every move.

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