June 21, 2019 – Aalsmeer, The Netherlands

My AirBnB in Aalsmeer…very peaceful and lovely. Forgot to take photos on the train from London to Amsterdam, since I had a great conversation with a lady from London the whole way. She’s an environmental engineer and has traveled and lived just about everywhere, it seems…figuring out the train+bus ride to Aalsmeer was, uh, an adventure, especially as I had only 2 hours sleep last night, dozed off on the train, woke up in time to see us pulling away from my stop, and had to get off at the next stop to backtrack…

Glad to be back in a land where people understand the culinary virtues of herring… My private summer solstice dinner from the market in my AirBnB. Was too tired to venture back into Amsterdam tonight, so had a peaceful night of eating and drinking and reading and making up for lost sleep.

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