Peacocks, Puro, and Piña Coladas

By the second day in Lisbon, Phoenix and Avalon needed a break from their itinerary, so I went out to run errands, then Phoenix and I got pastries and coffee while Avalon lingered at the apartment.

Yummy pastel de nata in the neighborhood. I noticed even a few of the Airbnb cleaning crews stopping in for coffee.

We wandered over to check out Castelo São Jorge. I was worried the 10€ entry fee would not be worth it, but it totally was.

COOL shade under mature trees, kiosks where you can buy a cold drink while you sit and soak in the view, and interesting things to see walking through the grounds.

And peacocks! With peacock babies!

A climb through the ruins of the old castle itself…

…and we were ready for an ice cream break.

(Sidenote: I sincerely hope that is only what my voice sounds like when I speak to peacocks…!)

So was this handsome lad.

We found a restaurant we wanted to go to and decided that the 30 minute walk would be perfect to give us a good appetite before dinner.

AT the CASTLE exit! The guard said it’s for stray cats so they have food, shelter and medical care. He said he’s told the administration that they need to repaint it and that tourists like it. I asked him if he liked it, too, and he smiled very big and said, “Yes, me, too.” ♥️

40 minutes later (of course uphill in the heat), we wondered if it actually WAS worth it…

Nice family park with lots of ducks AND dogs.

Finally reached the restaurant and it was SO worth it. Very friendly staff, great food, and we laughed all through dinner.

I recommend Puro! Only a few vegan options, more vegetarian options, but great food and super nice people working there.

We took an Uber back to Miradouro de Santa Luzia (Phoenix was spent on walking and agreed to walk the stairs 5x with me if we agreed to Uber), and bought a 15€ piña colada in a pineapple to share. Phoenix only drank a bit, so I drank the rest, because 15€, come on, I am getting my money’s worth! (If you know, you know.)

Avalon helped by eating the pineapple pieces…

Phoenix kept her end of the bargain and even did a 6th stair circuit.

The end.

One thought on “Peacocks, Puro, and Piña Coladas

  1. LOL!! Those peacocks must be related to my wild turkeys! And that bridge makes it look like you’re in San Francisco. I think the residents of Lisbon would be very comfortable in SF, given the number of hills.


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