Porto Ramble

I’m sharing an Airbnb with the adult daughters of a friend I’ve known since high school. Which means I’ve known Phoenix and Avalon since they were little sea monkeys in Mama’s belly. It’s worked out perfectly because Phoenix has planned a packed itinerary for them, so I get to do my own thing during the day and then we meet up at night for dinner.

But today they had no plans,so we spent the day wandering around Porto together.

We have brunch down by the river, buy some souvenirs, then happen across a teeny shop that specializes in pastel de nata. Our only other experience with Portugal’s famous pastry was one we picked up at the supermarket, and we were underwhelmed. We decided to give it another shot.

Oh. My. GARSH. First bite and my eyes rolled back in my head. Fresh, warm, creamy pastel de nata is BLISSSSSSSS. I am taking a class in Lisbon on how to veganize Portuguese food, and I really hope this is on the “syllabus…”

More wandering…Phoenix is on the hunt for a big market like she enjoyed in Spain, so we continue on through neighborhoods and parks to reach our destination….

…practicing Italian (“Dovremmo trovare una farmacia”), stopping at a pharmacy because Avalon and I forgot to apply sunscreen and are getting pink, and finally reaching the market.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the type of market she thought it was, it was more of a gourmet food court, but luckily there was a cute little cocktail bar – a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Avalon’s Blue Lagoon. Very pretty with the orange…my “adult slushie,” a passion fruit daiquiri, was amazing, though.

More walking…

…before going to have dinner and gelato (them) and coffee (me) to end the day.

3 thoughts on “Porto Ramble

      1. You should ask where he stopped. I’ve forgotten. I know it was Rota, Spain. And Keflavik, Iceland. And Argentia, Newfoundland. But I forgot where in Portugal. Oh, wait. It was Lajes, Azores, which is part of Portugal.


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