:: cough, cough, cough::

“It’s totally not Covid.”

I turn and see a girl about 17 or 18 talking to another girl about the same age. Monterosso is swarming with tourists, and I’m surprised how many are American.

“It just felt like I had strep throat for a day or two ..”


“…and then I started coughing today…”


…”but I know it’s not Covid.”


“It’s totally not Covid.”

It is so totally covid.

Happy in spite of being surrounded by fellow Americans on the sidewalk. To be fair, they also seem to tolerate us with barely masked disappointment. The sense of dismay is mutual.

I decide that we are going to splurge on umbrella chairs for the afternoon. After lunch, we find a place, pay €25 for half day rental for two people (he reassures us that we don’t need towels), which also gives us access to changing rooms, loos, and outdoor showers, as well as the bar.

I change, and it isn’t long before we decide we need towels, so David goes off to purchase two.

There are lots of people, and I’m reluctant to get into the water at first because I always have that awkward experience getting out of the water. But we do go in.

There must be a lot of salt or something, because there is no struggle to stay afloat. I form a sitting position and stay suspended with just a relaxed sway of my arms. I float out on my belly, float back on my back. David dives in and swims out away from me, then turns and warns me that there are rocks at the bottom. I like that he is out swimming. The waves are playful and frolicsome, not showy or ominous. There are a lot of people,a lot of kids, a lot of different languages, and it’s nice Everyone is happy. Everyone is having fun. It’s joyful.

It’s joyful.

I’m joyful.

One thought on “Monterosso

  1. Very nice! I’ve walked through Monterosso and then taken the boat to Vernazza. The water looked like Mylar, reflective and almost unreal. We definitely were not going to walk… too hot and hilly. It looks like you had a great relaxing day.

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